JWG Building Restoration was founded in 2015 with the mission of servicing all of Massachusetts with quality, safe, and professional masonry restoration services. We work with our clients to understand the service objectives by providing cost-effective planning, timely operations, and safe, quality service. We are a modern company who provides skilled workmanship and a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Our Founder & CEO, Joshua Gould is inspired to provide quality masonry work, in a professional manner, while having a positive impact on the community.  JWG has an established reputation in the building restoration industry, offering a wide range of services from building envelope repairs to historical restoration.  With over 30 years of experience, our specialized team is equipped to provide all necessary services for all commercial and industrial needs.



  • Masonry Restoration
  • Historical Restoration
  • Monument Removal & Restoration
  • Parking Garages
  • Waterproofing
  • Surface Cleaning


  • OSHA Certified
  • Massachusetts Specialty CSL Masonry License
  • A+ Better Business Bureau


We take time to understand your masonry needs and make sure we capture the right information to provide you with the highest quality proposal.  Whether is a phone conversation, a site walk or an exploratory, we will do what it takes to ensure we have an understanding of the full work scope of the project.

Following our initial consultation, we develop a proposal for you masonry project based on the agreed upon scope of work.  We outline the cost breakdown and make sure you understand the process that needs to be taken moving forward.

Once the proposal is agreed upon and signed, we get started on our pre-construction process.  Here we will finalize our project and manpower schedule, order necessary materials and equipment, finalize project safety and protection, pull any permits needed and more.

During the project, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship while completing the project in a timely fashion in a safe and professional manner.

As your project is finalized, we ensure the quality and safety of your project with a final inspection.


JWG Building Restoration believes safety is the #1 priority on any project.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure the safety of the community and our employees.  We do this by identifying potential hazards before the project starts, implementing a specific safety plan and continually monitoring project safety throughout the project life.

All JWG Building Restoration employees are required to pass the OSHA-10 training program and to know and understand our safety manual thoroughly before stepping foot on site.