Sealant Is Important To Keep Your Brick Or Stone Healthy

JWG Building Restoration has provided sealant services for many years.  We know the ins and outs of all the requirements needed to get the job done efficiently.  There three main methods of sealant application.  Each has its own advantages depending on the size and schedule of your installation project.  Whether it is using a penetrating or topical material, you have to carefully consider the specifications of your project before determining which method will work best.

We take the time to understand your masonry needs and make sure we capture the right information to provide you the highest quality proposal.

Following our initial consultation we develop a proposal for your masonry project. We outline the costs and make sure you understand the process that needs to be taken moving forward.

After our proposal has been discussed and signed we start the project process. We submit the proper permit requests to the building inspector. Upon approval, we begin working on your project.

As your project is finalized we ensure the quality and safety of the completed project with a final inspection.

At last, following our precise building process we ensure that you are satisfied with our work.