Quality Waterproofing

After years of weathering, the bricks absorb water.  This causes them to deteriorate quicker than other materials.  Waterproofing brick walls and stone walls eliminates problems such as wet walls and mold growth behind the brick.  You do not need to feel overwhelmed, just call JWG Building Restoration if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to accommodate you with your specific needs.  We are a company that carries on the tradition of excellence with a truly select group of professionals.

Deck Coating

JWG Building Restoration has been coating decks in Massachusetts and throughout New England for years. We provide quality service to ensure that your deck is coated correctly and will last. Using environmentally friendly materials, we ensure that your deck is water-tight, done right! We are certified applicators for several different systems. Let us come take a look at what your deck needs before summer starts.

We take the time to understand your Masonry needs and make sure we capture the right information to provide you the highest quality proposal.

Following our initial consultation we develop a proposal for your masonry project. We out line the costs and make sure you understand the process that needs to be taken moving forward.

After our proposal has been discussed and signed we start the project process. We submit the proper permit requests to the building inspector. Upon approval, we begin working on your project and completely it when the time frame indicated in the proposal.

As your project is finalized we ensure the quality with a final inspection to accurately review our work and the safety of the project outcome in compliance with regulation.

At last, following our precise building process we ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Project Management

JWG Building Restoration provides waterproofing and coating masonry services for commercial buildings and residential locations. We work directly with our clients to develop cost-effective repairs.  Before the project begins, the our team and the client will agree on the scope of the project. We outline the project’s deliverables and identify key success factors. We make sure we are communicating with our clients so that we can complete the project in a timely manner.