Let JWG Building Restoration restore your garage!

The corrosion of the reinforcing steel and the use of de-icing salts are the worst enemies of concrete walls and structural support. These two factors alone can cause the shattering of your concrete and make your structure unsafe.

To make lasting repairs, you should sound the concrete with a hammer and remove the brittle parts until the concrete is solid.

The reinforcing steel should also be stripped and treated with an anti-corrosive agent. Depending on the situations encountered, you’ll sometimes have to add anchors to connect the old concrete to the new.

Our specialists at JWG Building Restoration will use the right repair material to restore your parking garage back to life. Call us for a free estimate or fill out the form.

We take the time to understand your Masonry needs and make sure we capture the right information to provide you the highest quality proposal.

Following our initial consultation we develop a proposal for your masonry project. We out line the costs and make sure you understand the process that needs to be taken moving forward.

After our proposal has been discussed and signed we start the project process. We submit the proper permit requests to the building inspector. Upon approval, we begin working on your project and completely it when the time frame indicated in the proposal.

As your project is finalized we ensure the quality with a final inspection to accurately review our work and the safety of the project outcome in compliance with regulation.

At last, following our precise building process we ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Project Management

JWG Building Restoration is restoring and repairing parking garages on commercial and residential locations. We work directly with our clients to develop cost-effective repairs.  Before the project begins, the our team and the client will agree on the scope of the project. We outline the project’s deliverables and identify key success factors. We make sure we are communicating with our clients so that we can complete the project in a timely manner.